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Internet Marketing Myths & Monsters Video.

Tags : My attempt to dispel some of the myths & negativity surrounding Internet Marketing . There are more Good Guys than bad ones, so find the right Internet Marketing Coach to help you make money online.
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I Bought this book at a flea market, “The Sunbonnet Babies in Italy.” How much is it worth?

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Question by loveloveme: I Bought this book at a flea market, “The Sunbonnet Babies in Italy.” How much is it worth?
I found this book at a flea market titled, “The Sunbonnet Babies in Italy.” It is pretty weathered looking and looks very aged. The copyright is 1922 and it was written by Eulalie Osgood Grover. The publisher is Rand, McNally, and Company. This is a picture of the book I found on the internet. But, the one I have looks very aged in comparison.

How much do you think this book is worth if I were to sell it?

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Answer by The Feline Felon Can See You
Rand McNally’s in the Simpsons!

Oh, yeah, the question: I’d buy it off you for about 1c.

What do you think? Answer below!

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How To Learn Internet Marketing

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