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MAKE MONEY ONLINE Internet Marketing Fully Explained In Less Than 5 Hours!

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“Why do you like internet marketing?” how would you answer this job interview question?

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Question by Kenny: “Why do you like internet marketing ?” how would you answer this job interview question?
I have a job interview for an internet marketing internship position and I was just curious to hear how others would answer this. Any examples or advice? thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Cute Sadia
The remained development of the Internet has verified that the source is here to stay . Consequently , engaging web marketing and search engine promotion to reach concerned customers through the Internet has become vital to a successful online business method . Internet marketing via search engine optimization is absolutely necessary medium that can be applied to appropriately market products online . No one can deny its importance because Internet has become a necessary part of a large number of people’s lives . The most people getting their knowledge and other information from the internet so it only makes sense for business holders to use the internet as a marketing medium . The internet can be one of the most important , cheapest and efficient ways to optimize your brand and company . The Internet is much more flexible medium than print media or even tv media .

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