Grow prickly pear cactus from seeds?

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Grow prickly pear cactus from seeds?

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Question by Natalya B: Grow prickly pear cactus from seeds?
Hi everyone,

We moved to Arizona from New-York 3 years ago,and all those cactuses are still new to me. Yesturday I bought prickly pear at farmer’s market.It has small black seeds. I really liked the kiwi-pear-mushy apple taste 🙂 So is it possible to grow my own prickly pear cactus on my back yard from those seeds? And how to start? I was looking through Internet,but there is not very much of information.

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Answer by George
much easier and faster to find some growing and obtain a leaf. Put a leaf in the ground and you havea whole big plant in a couple of years.

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