How I Got Started In Internet Marketing

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How I Got Started In Internet Marketing

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How Chris Winters Got Started In Internet Marketing . Learn how to get started here About 2 years ago (Feb 2012 now) I maxed out my credit card to purchase Mike Koenings Marketing Machines and then drove to Firepower event from Phoenix to San Diego in my 1982 Mercedes veggie fueled care.. I only had dollars in my pocket .. watch the video for the full story… bottom line if I can do this internet marketing stuff anyone can..
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Many people wonder what is internet marketing ? Well, the first things you need is to have an online presence. Or in other words, a website. You need to have a “central hub” for people to go to to learn more about you and your business. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about internet marketing is that they join a business that has a shiny,slick company website. So they buy a domain, forward it to their shiny company website, and cram the link down people’s throats. That is not the way to do Internet Marketing . Michelle has studied what is internet marketing for 2 years and has learned a ton in this industry. She knows the pain and heartache of feeling overwhelmed and giving up. That is why she is offering to give the tools that many internet marketers are hesitant to give (unless they are willing to pay). Because she knows many people know what is internet marketing and don’t know the first thing of how to get started. Her tutorials are exclusive, members-only access that you can get access to, for FREE. Just go to her website http
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