How much does book publishing cost?

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How much does book publishing cost?

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Question by Sammy: How much does book publishing cost?
I’m writing a children’s book and I think it would be a good book to sell, but I need to know how much it cost to do that. What are all the steps in processing a book? How much does it cost? Is there anything else I should know? A lot of info would really help. Thanks!

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Answer by vsenzafinev
It should not cost you anything to publish a book, if a publisher likes your work they will cover the costs because they believe the book will bring them (and of course you) the money they spent to publish it. Never pay publishers anything, if they do ask for money up front it is usually a scam. You should first get an agent who understands the type of book you’d like to publish. When the agent asks for your manuscript, and it is fiction; send it to them. If you’re writing non-fiction, you query before writing. Then the agent will take the manuscript and send it out to publishers. If the publishers like your work, then they will publish it. Many publishers don’t accept manuscripts from people that don’t have agents.

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