How To Design The Website Of Your Dreams

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How To Design The Website Of Your Dreams

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TIP! When designing webpages it is important that you use the correct graphics. PNGs work well, but bitmap images may be too big.

Are you interested in creating a nice website? Are you familiar with all the important components of a good site? The topic is website creation. Without attractive website development, your website will not draw visitors. Luckily, this article will help. The following information explains what makes a great site.

TIP! Consider having your website use fixed-position navigation. The panel maintains position while they view the page.

If you’re working on website development use the right graphics for the job. PNGs work well, but bitmap images may be too big. For simple text buttons or graphics that aren’t photographs, use PNG for files that are 256 colors or larger. Use a GIF file for anything less than 256. Try using JPEGs for photos.

TIP! A tagline should be shown in full view on your website. A tagline is a motto or statement that expresses what your business is all about.

Look at your site in multiple browsers when designing it. What you get on your browser isn’t always what your visitors see on their browser. Research the different browsers that are popular and design your site accordingly. It’s also a good idea to test out your website on different operating systems.

TIP! This isn’t the 90’s, so avoid frames. Frames were in heavy use during the beginning days of the Internet, but they were very flawed.

Be careful when introducing new colors into the design of your website. Be sure that your written content is clearly visible and easy to read against the background you choose. Using dark colored text on a light colored background generally ensures that the text is easy for visitors to read. Let some of your friends see your site and give you some advice before going live.

TIP! It is essential to test the pages in your website to be certain they look as they should on every different browser; a successful site needs to display correctly in all browsers. Some things that work in Internet Explorer might not work correctly in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

If you are creating a very big website, you want to always incorporate a search function into the site. Place a search box in the top right corner on the home page where users can search for a term that may appear on your site. You can find viable search features through companies like FreeFind or Google.

TIP! Consider your website’s background carefully. Certain sites contain GIF backgrounds that move, and although it may look nice, it can be harder to read the page’s content.

Is having a good website important to you? Are you aware of what goes into creating an excellent site? Are you now more familiar with web design ? Do you feel able to apply the information to create future designs successfully? The answer should now be yes.

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