Internet Marketing Training: Angry Clients and Social Media

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Internet Marketing Training: Angry Clients and Social Media

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Visit – get tips, reports & expert videos on social media training, internet marketing courses & programs. 314-472-3086 Thanks to social media marketing and social media tools, customers have plenty of places to file their complaints. They don’t have to fill out a form or wait in a line for a manger to tell them “tough luck” when they have had a bad experience anymore. And, they don’t have to take no as an answer. Angry customers can go online and tell everyone. And, it’s not like the company that is being badmouthed, regardless of whether or not it is deserved, has the power to erase it. If you own a company and an angry past customer is making it their life’s mission to make an example out of you, then use your internet marketing training to turn a problem into an opportunity! Some social media consultants, social media strategists and social media agencies might disagree, but I think you should help them. Help them create a public example of how your company solves problems and helps customers in need of assistance. Respond publicly. Do what is right. Everyone makes mistakes and the public realizes it too. Demonstrate your flexibility and spirit of cooperation in a way that lets the public see your side of the story and your willingness to make things right. If your angry past customer continues to persist, after all reasonable, public attempts to satisfy them have been exhausted, then public opinion and sympathy may shift from the angry
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