internet resource for sales professionals?

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internet resource for sales professionals?

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Question by Aaron W: internet resource for sales professionals?
Is there an Internet resource that anyone here knows of that’s meant for sales professionals – not retail salespeople, but persons engaged in selling high-end product to end users, with a focus on lead generation.
PS… please no forums dealing with “ network marketing ” in any way.

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Answer by gurusmith
Internet is now a days used for online marketing , i.e. Internet is a resource for sales professionals engaged in selling high-end product to end users, with a focus on lead generation.
Business listing in a familiar SEO company generates high traffic to the business which highly generates resources for sales professionals. It is obvious that internet marketing is a resource for business professionals.

The internet has become a significant sales tool for B2B sales people, the internet has gone largely untapped as a resource for business-to-consumer sales professionals. The internet is not magic, but it can help the consumer sales person in four ways:

1. Research the Prospect

Just as in B2B sales, it’s good to know about your prospect. If you sell in a way that allows research before your sales interaction (I’m thinking about those who sell in customers’ homes, or those who sell insurance or financial products, and I’m sure there are others where it would be applicable, too), a quick Google or Linkedin search can shed light on important personal and business information about your prospects.

But you don’t just have to stop at a Google search; there are many other sites that can provide valuable intelligence on your consumer prospect.The business lister generates high internet resource for sales professionals. They adopt all methods for business development technics. Take a moment and experience the superior quality of Internet Marketing resources that make up the business directory to find Internet Marketing business you need.

2. Learn How to Sell
There’s a wealth of excellent information available on the internet for those who want to improve their sales knowledge. This site is a good example.

3. Connect with Fellow Salespeople
The B2B sales community has responded in a big way to the networking and connection opportunities the internet offers. B2C sales people have been slower to take advantage of these sites. But networking isn’t only for B2B sales people; it’s also for B2C salespeople.

You can learn from fellow sales people who sell in the same industry but live on the other end of the continent. You can connect with sales people in different industries who may have connections for you to develop into potential leads or strategic partnerships. You can connect with sales trainers and experts in your area of selling. You can even with connect with consumers on sites they visit.

4. Connect with Potential Customers
I believe every B2C sales person who sells big ticket retail products, or sells in customers’ homes, or sells real estate, insurance, or financial products should have their own website and blog and a search engine optimization strategy to become recognized online as an expert in their field. This is important in 2009, but it’s going to be even more important five years from now, so those who start now will have an advantage.

Even if you’re employed by a company who has its own website and online marketing program, you need to create an identity for yourself in your industry and with your market. After all, you may very well be working for a different employer in five years, and you want your online reputation to follow you to your new company or business venture. The only way to do that online is to think like an individual, not just an employee.Most of the works are processed by the listing company. So the internet resources meant for sales professionals engaged in selling high end product to end users.

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