Is Self-publishing as good as Traditional Publications?

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Is Self-publishing as good as Traditional Publications?

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Question by : Is Self-publishing as good as Traditional Publications?
Idealistically, we all would like to receive the letter ” We want to publish your book ” when submitting a manuscript and I’ve purchased “Writer’s Market” and regularly jumped through most the hoops. It’s a hard and long process.
However, I’d like to comment on the value and differences of self-publishing and mainstream publication. 1.) Self publishing may cost the author, but it helps to get the job done when the writer is focused to finish the project. After 50 years, I’ve finished one of several and it is quite an endeavor considering that I had to go around personal issues that can easily diffuse one’s inspiration. 2.) It is the long haul to learn what selective publishers ask. School of hard knocks, I’d say! Solution: If you are sure of the idea to the paper, do it no matter what! Envision the success and refuse rebuttal or defeat by finding a writer’s guild in your area. Go to meetings, join the best internet writing communities and continuously submit to contests. Establish relationships, pray, and keep writing. Don’t stop! Nothing is engraved in stone as much as your endeavor! Create the cover with a computer program, or find others who’ve done the same thing. Hey! It’s nearly done! Don’t stop. Oh…and did I say… don’t stop? Finish. It’s the project for which you are responsible…NOT the acceptance. That’s another story called “self-publishing”. More to come…!!
As for some of you replying. I don’t think that I was on the correct page as I meant to extend someone else’s question by answering!

That explains the confusion. Oops. But hope the statements are at least interesting!

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Answer by Gemi
I’m confused by the question when you answered it yourself and seem pretty closed to other opinions. This seems more like a chat/rant than a question. Just making an observation.

P.S. I disagree with you, personally.

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