Is this website Fake?

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Is this website Fake?

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Question by Almost Stew: Is this website Fake?

My girlfriend used it and bought an item off it, but it didnt ask for her card details. she got an email saying “thanks for your order blahblah”. so i looked at the site and it seems kinda dodgey, WHOIS showed its owned by a guy in manchester, hosted on (owned by a guy in Arizona). the website seems geared to the US market, defaulting to US Dollars (you can also chose £ or Euro). the language button with US/UK flag on it is pointless, and in the contact details there isnt a physical address. it looks like the owner of the site forgot to enter an address.
I googled “” (the email address for general enquires) and it appeared on another page with exactly the same layout and input boxes etc, but this one was a australian .net site….

can anyone with more Internet knowledge than me help?

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Answer by Michael
I just went to the website during school you should have warned me. No it defently not fake.

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