Isn’t “Yahoo Answers” somewhat like “the blind leading the blind”?

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Isn’t “Yahoo Answers” somewhat like “the blind leading the blind”?

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Question by Stever: Isn’t “Yahoo Answers” somewhat like “the blind leading the blind”?
What determines whether the “Best” answer is chosen by the person who originally asked the question, OR is chosen by popular “vote”?
The person who asked the question, presumably did so because they didn’t know the answer, and would therefore NOT be the “best” judge of the “best” answer. It has been known to lead to a totally incorrect answer, even though chosen as the “Best”.
Popular vote, on the other hand, has, in my experience, also led to the WRONG answer being chosen as the “Best”. Maybe this site should, instead, be called “Urban Legends”?
Maybe I’m wrong, but, shouldn’t “Best” be synonymous with “most accurate”, rather than “best guess from the asker”, OR “most popular viewpoint based on (in some cases) a population of THREE people who “answered”?
Can anyone tell me if there’s a website that allows or solicits questions, and bases their “best” answers on relatively informed, unbiased, SOLID RESEARCH, rather than what appears to be a “Best” GUESS? In other words, the “blind leading the blind”? In other words, is there a site which TRULY attempts to provide a SERVICE, rather than attempting to get the most “hits”?
This is not to say that “Yahoo Answers” is FREQUENTLY inaccurate (I realize it isn’t), but a frustration from trying to do my OWN research, and my amazement at how frequently THIS site is high on the list of “answers”, most likely due to knowledge of internet “marketing” techniques amongst the Yahoo staff, rather than true knowledge.

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Answer by Pixie
Yes. Thats why its so great.

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