My husband, daughter and I would like to expore moving to Mexico, need to know?

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My husband, daughter and I would like to expore moving to Mexico, need to know?

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Question by : My husband, daughter and I would like to expore moving to Mexico, need to know?
My husband and I just visited Mexico for our official “honeymoon” that we had never been able to have when we go married 20 yrs ago. My husband has been his own self-employed business owner since I met him. He has done well supporting a family of 5. Our two oldest children are over 18. We have one child home with us. When we got back from Mexico we longed to be back. We have been very frustrated with the current economy here in central USA. We got the shaft financially and not supported a few years ago as we took everything we had to open a business/restaurant in the newly renovated downtown in our home town. Our city gov. helped the “bigger” guys with all the money and shunned us to the point we lost IT ALL! Chapter 7 bankruptcy just helped some. We lost our house and all savings. It took us 3 years after the filing to even “get out of the country” for a week. We want a fresh start but I don’t believe it is here in the USA anymore… maybe 20 yrs and back 40 yrs from that but not now. I have lost all hope in my local and federal gov. I have been the our troops… flag waving citizen but I feel it has been a lost cause!!! I would be willing to explore the option of moving out of here but I need more info from “real” people who have made this move. I am willing to learn customs and language. I do some French/Italian as I had wanted to visit those countries at one time. I have Italian heritage as well as my husband. I do not think we can afford to move to Italy. My husband has many skill in the construction industry. I would have to figure out something for earning money there such as “ internet marketing ” as that is world wide and not just Mexico. I would much rather give taxes to Mexico than a country that has not been very encouraging for ordinary citizens as myself and husband to own land and be given support when trying to open our own business. Even in the construction industry, my husband has been busting his butt in the lame economy..thanks to the Upper cusp of our society who decide to lay-off employees and then driven into the “construction” industry to support themselves and in turn pulls my husband’s business down! Yes you can hear the agitation in my words but I’m discouraged and frustrated. It also hurts because I have been so patriotic and proud as a US citizen so much I wanted to be an American History professor at one time… not feeling that proud anymore! I welcome any advice, good and not so good! thank you for responding

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Answer by Charlie
Most of this is just ” venting”. Your question could and should be far briefer if you want many folks to read it…honestly. I just skimmed it. Your political views have nothing to do with questions about living in Mexico. Ok…why do you think so many Mexicans leave Mexico to do construction work in the U.S.? It certainly is not because there is tons of good paying construction work available in Mexico! The economy in Mexico has suffered too. Unemployment is up, prices for everything are up. It is nearly impossible for foreign citizens to get a work visa. Must find an employer to hire you and write a letter to immigration stating he cannot find a Mexican citizen for the job. This means you need to be educated and skilled in a much needed work area. Jobs here pay a fraction of what the same job pays in the U.S. Cost of living here is less, but not THAT much less. To legally live in Mexico you need an FM3 ( non-Immigrante ) visa that requires you to have over $ 1200 per adult and $ 600 per dependent child steady, documented income per month from the U.S. You cannot live in Mexico without proof of steady monthly income from the U.S. If you were rich and your husband could show proof of a large amount of money to establish a business, he could get a visa for that and the income requirement would not apply….but I doubt that is the case. I am sorry things have been so difficult for you in the U.S., but you will find it far more practical to look for other solutions there…move to a different location, train in a new job field, than to try to make a living in Mexico. There are over one million Americans living in Mexico, but nearly all of them are retired with a steady income and do not need to work. a few had enough money to start a business here. Very few work here, other than college professors or a few other very specialized professions…like PhD educated oil industry or other high skilled professionals who contract with the government or foreign employers. I truly believe you cannot successfully live in Mexico. Construction is TOTALLY different in Mexico than in the U.S., and there are thousands and thousands of unemployed construction workers here anyway…even master builders. No matter how difficult things are in the U.S. right now, it is still the best country in the world to live in….other countries are suffering even more. I hope you can look around and find a place and job opportunities in the U.S.

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