Publishing questions.?

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Publishing questions.?

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Question by Nick and Chantal: Publishing questions.?
My manuscript is 60K young adult fantasy. I’m starting to think about trying to get it published, but from what I’ve read on the internet, it’s a lengthy process.

Are there any books that I should get to help? What exactly is “writer’s market”? How do I know which agents and publishers I want to send query letters to?

Is it really going to be hard to get anyone to read my manuscript like everyone says? If it’s good (which it is–good plot, good writing, good grammar) then why wouldn’t I be able to go somewhere with it?

Are there any other tips you can give me about this process? Please and thank you!

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Answer by Roger Le Savant Soi-disant
_Writer’s Market_ is a book that lists book and magazine publishers, from the most polished and professional and hard to sell to down to the roughest and easiest to approach.

Probably no large house will read your book unless it is submitted by an agent. It is difficult to secure an agent unless you have a track record because no agent will take you on unless you are already successful. It’s a catch-22 situation, but agents want to make money. If you can get read even by a small house and your book is taken, that’s the time to get an agent. You will have done the work and the agent will take a cut, but the agent will be there for you on the next deal.

What is the hook that makes your story different than others? That’s what you have to sell, what you should stress in any query letters that you write.

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