Q&A: Can I go to college at 16 yrs old?

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Q&A: Can I go to college at 16 yrs old?

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Question by horsegirlgrace: Can I go to college at 16 yrs old?
OK why I’m wondering is because I want to be in real estate at 18 and my school isn’t teaching me what I really need to know…. like I really need to know how rocks form and history (if I want to know the stuff I will go on the internet and research it out) I want to drop out at 16 then enroll in a Arizona online college (Arizona is my state) take my courses. Then get a real estate tax id at 18 and go off and start my career right there! AND don;t say no one will hire you if you don’t have a high school diploma! One thing I’m working for my self (being my own boss) and another is that if they see I have a real estate certificate from college I don’t think they’ll complain! Also please don’t tell me my career chose sucks because I choose to do it and its my chose. So I just need an answer to that 1 q.
Also I’m not going to work at some fast food place! I know I need money before I start my own business! I’m going to work for a realter company! And if they see I have tooken classes and etc they will hire me! Also there government grants for businesses! The real estate market is good for what I want to do! So please don’t say wait for it to go back up! I want it down! Don’t ask me because its one of my business secrets that I don’t tell sorry.
I know tooken isn’t a word but I like it so i’ll use it except if I’m in a meeting! (its taken I know)

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Answer by eri
You just asked this question. The answer won’t change – you need a high school diploma or GED to take college classes as anything other than a dual-enrolled high school student. Just dropping out won’t do it. And a few more English classes wouldn’t hurt – ‘tooken’ is not a word.

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