Q&A: College Degree, How do Majors work?

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Q&A: College Degree, How do Majors work?

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Question by : College Degree, How do Majors work?
I’m a little confused in how this works. Say i was to get a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Business Management. Would my major be “Business Management” or does my Major depend on the electives i decide to take, for example if i took marketing electives would that make my major “Marketing”? The reason I ask this, is because i was looking on the internet at Resumes, and i found someone who had a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, and a listed their major as “Computer Networks”. So i’m a little confused as how Majors are defined.

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Answer by Betsy
Each institution can be different but typically your major is your main classes and then you can have a concentration in another, yet related, area. For instance my degree is a Master’s of Arts in Counseling. My major however was Counseling – Student Affairs because I concentrated in the Student Affairs part.

So your major will be Business Management and then depending on your electives you could concentrate in Marketing. You could also Minor in Marketing and that would require a few more classes than the regular electives.

It sounds like the person who wrote his resume was a little confused. He might have been trying to show his potential employers he has experience with computer networks and so included that. Or Computer Networks might have been a category within IT at that school.

Good luck with your studies!

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