Q&A: E-Marketing major a good idea?

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Q&A: E-Marketing major a good idea?

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Question by GoBuckeyes!: E-Marketing major a good idea?
Would it do me any wrong to major in E-Marketing? The name of the major is actually “E-Commerce Marketing”, but its basically just E-Marketing.

Anyways, I was wondering if this field will be a thing of the future? I’m guessing yes considering marketing will always be around, and I don’t see the internet going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m asking though because maybe someone on here knows something I don’t.


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Answer by Nick B
Well, yes. but, get good in another field too, because, llok at this “new internet bubble” with MySpace, YouTube, FaceBook, and MyYearBook.Com, while these companies aren’t spending on marketing like crazy like in the Bull, you should always be carful of another internet colapse, im in the dotcom business, i understand, i provide email and other e-stuff
email me at nickb@estamponline.net if you have any comments or questions

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