Q&A: How is India power outage affecting spam?

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Q&A: How is India power outage affecting spam?

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Question by jscottkenyon@sbcglobal.net: How is India power outage affecting spam?
The massive India power outage seems to coincide with a significant reduction in the amount of spam that I receive.

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Answer by Tweeter & the MonkeyMan
pure ( quasi-educated) speculations:

there are millions of people in that country, and many computers.
If even a small percentage of machines have viruses.. or are run intentionally to produce spam.. that small % is still a significant number of “bad machines”.. that don’t have power.

labor in that area, especially some of the larger cities is very cheap by western standards. Many very intelligent coders live there, and work for pennies to create spam and other marketing “stuff” / (crap).. for companies in the US and other cash-motivated places. these also are disconnected from the global network.

because of international laws, internet convention, and general confusion .. many spammers (and hackers) will route traffic through many different countries – including India. when you have an under-paid, under-manned police force, they are not really going to make internet spam complaints a priority. If your spammer can manage to bounce / route through enough places that just can’t spare the resources to investigate.. then they become nearly untouchable.
(no pun intended – but after I read it over, I’ll leave it)
and again.. the computers and all the backbone equipment, routers, switches, etc.. are all offline // or being re-purposed to handle emergency traffic only for now.

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