Q&A: Rumor: Xbox 720…No Disc Drive!?

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Q&A: Rumor: Xbox 720…No Disc Drive!?

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Question by : Rumor: Xbox 720…No Disc Drive!?
Apparently there are rumors circulating around the Internet and the Gaming community that the next Xbox will have no disc drive which basically pretty much means that we will have to Download games online now rather then going to the store and buying them pretty much eliminating the concept of going out and physically purchasing them at the store.

I personally think that if this Rumor is true (which I hope it is not) then this is a HORRIBLE idea by Microsoft and here’s why.

#1 No Backwards Compatibility-Basically all of our games that we have on our 360s will pretty much be worthless and no use to anyone on the next gen console.

#2 Retailers like Gamestop and Best Buy will lose a lot of revenue in gaming sales if people can just buy games online rather then being able to physically purchase them.

#3 Game Prices will be too Expensive-A game which costs about 10 or 20$ at any retailer will cost like 60$ online. Take a look at games like Halo Reach and Gears of War for example those games have been out for a few years now and they cost about twice the amount online they would at any retailer.

I guess this would make a lot of sense for Microsoft business wise as they can get more money.As well as confirming the rumors about Microsoft wanting to “Eliminate the Used Games market.”

Personally I don’t think this rumor is true as not to long ago there were conflicting rumors saying that Microsoft wanted to upgrade all of their games to Blu Ray Disc for the next gen console.

As well as another rumor saying they would release two different versions of the console one of them a “pared down version with that”ll be much closer to a set top box for HD TVs complete with kinect built in.”

“And the Second would be a more Fully Featured machine with Hard disk,Backwards Compatibility,and the All powerful Optical Drive.”

So what do you think if it turns out if this is really true? would you still buy it? or would you opt for a PS4 or a PC instead?

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Answer by opurt
Microsoft knows all those points too, plus if it’s download-only, then there are plenty of people with 360s that never connect them to Live, or don’t have broadband, or don’t have very fast access and wouldn’t want to spend hours (or even days) downloading a game.

They can get around #2 by selling cards in stores like the Gold or MS Points cards, just for specific games, which lets BB and GameStop get their cut.

They might be thinking of doing something like they do with cable boxes; there can be one ‘full featured’ box with the hard drive, optical drive and access to everything, while a second room can have the ‘Xbox Lite’ that lets you share whatever’s on the main unit.

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