Q&A: Santa Fe; Grand Canyon; Albuquerque and points in between …….?

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Q&A: Santa Fe; Grand Canyon; Albuquerque and points in between …….?

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Question by B: Santa Fe; Grand Canyon; Albuquerque and points in between …….?
My husband and I will be spending some time driving in the northern New Mexico/Arizona area and would love to have some advice from people who know the area about the places you enjoy most. If you know of a good restaurant, hotel, park, market basically anything that you feel is interesting. We can find the major tourist attractions online what we are looking for are the things that you can’t find on the internet. We enjoy any type of activity, we are going to fly down rent a vehicle and just start driving. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Answer by Jasper
Can’t think of any place special, everything along the routes you described is pretty awesome, some of the best scenery anywhere. I like the cable car up the mountain in Albuquerque; if you drive up to Santa Fe, go a bit further and take in Taos. Neat cliff dwellings at Bandolier National Monument worth seeing. Really can’t go wrong as long as you stay on marked highways. In Arizona, wasn’t all that impressed with the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, you can actually see miles of petrified trees along I 40 if you look close– near the manmade dinosaurs. Flagstaff itself is nice, and certainly take the east route north to the Grand Canyon and stop by the Little Colorado River and its beautiful canyon. There is also a side trip you can take on the way north that goes through some more recent volcanic activity, and you can visit an ancient indian dwelling. Loads of volcanic cones in the area. have fun!

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