Q&A: Yahoo! Answers damages society?

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Q&A: Yahoo! Answers damages society?

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Question by me: Yahoo! Answers damages society?
The very website you a currently browsing is. ruining. your. life. Four million global unique visitors visit this “knowledge market” every day, two million in the US; are victims to the propaganda that is pushed on this website. Why do we find it useful? Usually because we would like to find a solution to a technical problem we’ve experienced and can quickly be fixed, however, this website has evolved into something much different… Relationship, family, friendship, political and social advice have found a place on this website. Yahoo! is advocating a tool to spread lies across the internet, affecting children’s minds and redefining social norms. No matter what you label a user who may ask or answer a question as; the truth is, that user can only provide an uneducated opinion and the information provided in their question or answer are lies. For further proof on this, Yahoo! Answers has a point system, where users with higher scores are able to post more questions and are more likely to get “best answer”, this system is used to create a hierarchy to weed out those who spread the truth or are here to ask simple questions and get simple answers, and assist those who push propaganda and tarnish social norms to rise to the top. Just a disgusting example of the idiocy and lies sprawled all across the internet. The worst part about it; it is impossible to avoid on the world’s most popular global website and search engine– Google. Not only known for invading your privacy, but condoning the lies wrapped in a nice little package known as answers and advice to our personal and the world’s problems, smack dab as the first result on the front page of Google. I guess it makes it easier for Google know our problems and help advertisers and our government to control the very society we live in. Yes, you are not safe and yes television and magazines do lie to you. But the internet lies to you the most. What is the solution? Don’t take the information in any of the questions or answers on this site as fact. Recognize that you are reading lies on the very website promoting them, you guessed it, Yahoo! Answers.


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Answer by bronzebabekentucky
My advice to you is: don’t come back here. You’ll feel much better.

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