Recipe idea – “italian theme” – carryable to a picnic -?

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Recipe idea – “italian theme” – carryable to a picnic -?

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Question by spcexcel: Recipe idea – “italian theme” – carryable to a picnic -?
yes, in arizona it is picnic weather!

having a potluck, everyone is bringing a dish. I have 4 choices:
1. “Italian Main Dish: (not lasagna or spaghetti)”
2. “Appetizers & Italian bread”
3. “Italian side salad”
4. “Side dish (not salad)”

I am not necessarily a “natural” at cooking, nor do I do a lot of it. however, I’m a methodical/analytical person and actually DO enjoy occasionally tackling a recipe off the internet or whatever, and just following the instructions to a T. I don’t have intuition with ingredients, but I can follow instructions. I also hate recipies that call for me to purchase a zillion new expensive (OR HARD TO FIND) ingredients that I don’t have, like “You can usually find this at a filipino market on the west coast”, yeah just things from the local supermarket please !!!!!!!

I do already possess most real common spices. And I don’t mind doing chopping/cutting/work. I just don’t want to spend $ 28 in ingredients on a dish that’s worth $ 10 when eaten. Also, please for answers…I don’t possess specialty tools (deep fryers, gigantic woks, pestles). Just your average stuff.

I would like the item to be tasty to a general audience and impress them a bit, even if it’s a small side item. The only things that came to mind is fresh rolls of non-mainstream bread from the grocery deli, along with homemade spinach (or other dips) dip, but I would greatly appreciate more ideas!!!

If it needs to be warm, then it needs to be something that I can put in a crockpot, because we will be taking it to a park and then not eating for about half an hour.

I don’t care if it’s finger food, appetizer type thing, or main dish – I just want it to have a high likelihood of turning out TASTY when made by someone who isn’t a natural cook with lots of experience, but can follow instructions.
Any ideas? thanks so much!

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Answer by What’s cookin??
Go for the dishes that don’t have to be served warm, since that is tough in a picnic setting, but its easy to keep stuff cool in cooler with some ice. Here are some ideas that meet your criteria, for the Italian side salad category:

Antipasto Pasta Salad

Insalata Caprese II

Mid-Summer Italian Bread Salad

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