starting my own business? and tips?

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starting my own business? and tips?

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Question by Meggan: starting my own business? and tips?
alright, so have you guys ever heard of who were 16 and starting their own internet store? I have. well I think she used her sister’s credit card because they shared the company. But I really want to start my own business. I’m also only 15. ): but, I will be turning 16 in June. I know its alot of research and planning. I took business classes I know all the stuff that goes into a business. But I was never taught on how to personally open my own business. My parents are going to get me a credit card when and if I have every last bit of this down on paper and completely planned out. I really want to do this and its not just for spending money. My brother blew almost my entire college fund and I don’t wanna be strugling in college too badly. I’m not going to have any problem with help because I have got LOADS of support.Oh yeah, and I am SUPER smart in math. like no joke, I was helping my brother with HIS college homework idk but It’s like I can do any math lol but I seem to be horrid in Spanish ha but anyway!

(Before you read those, I’ve actually heard of a tutoring business, but I really don’t know if they will hire a 15 yr old. because they are like all adults lol. But I understand most of the material, but anyway)

Here are some Ideas about starting a business into:

1. I’m REALLY into horses and I was wondering about a sort of horse tack, barrel racing tack, sort of thing. But make my designs very pretty, girly, and equally as masculine(as in seperate girls and guys tack) I’m not much of a designer but I have a couple of friends who can draw like theres no tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I can get what I’m thinking down on paper. Bad thing about this is, there is another more popular store just like mine,BUT I also stable one of my horses and an official NBHA(national barrel horse association) site and that would do LOADS for my business I would think. But it wouldn’t just be barrel tack, I would also do roping (cool colored ropes perhaps?), bull riding, etc.

2. A t-shirt, jewelry, trinket business. possibly even including horses, and I have no worries about inventory space whats so ever, I can even sell my products at the farmers market “more like a bring-your-small-business markey” every thursday right by my school.

3. I’m also into volleyball. Mabey a store with cute volleyball shirts, a large variety of colored spandex( a girl on a traveling team on my school team says they are super popular) mabey even cute colored volleyballs and knee pads, shoes, high socks, shoe laces, etc.

4. This could even be a part of the horse category, but Include other animals. Mabey even cute little doggy clothes, also for cats, ferrets, etc., cute fishy jars, cool cat toys, I really could go on and on and on about any of these topics lol

5. ooohhh and even purses, watches, jewelry, for both men and women. this could easily go into the above topics.

6. I could also make infant toys, baby items, and clotheing. which could, once again, be added into the above topics lol

but yeah, these are some topics I’m seriously considering.

Main Points:

1. The topics above are things I’m really interested in and would have a real drive in.

2. I’m doing this for college funding, but am certainly not going to quit after college.

3. I understand it takes alot, but I’m ready for the challenge even if I have to wait a year.

4. I have A LOT of support and will have no problem with help of starting it up.

Thanks guys and gals (:
um seriously? get back to the Ghetto? I didn’t mean to say I knew EVERYTHING, but I know the stuff, yeah I’m not gonna lie. I actually just looking for tips and ideas, I mean, seriously, grow up. Your probly a 37 year old man, sitting in your moms computer room, complaining on yahoo answers as I type. Get a life, I’m looking for answers, not douchebags with REALLY bad insults. Oh and btw, at least I’m doing something with my life, so back. off.
and If you even read the thing, you would know I’m 15. and I’m not the only one in this. but whatever, you are so not worth my time. and guys, I’m not interested at all in any of the working with google, or surveys, things of that sort.
lol so I must be “stoned” to want to start a business? lol wow people seriously kill me. theres millions of people just like me who want to start a business but are too afraid to ask questions. lol why even take the time to click on my question, read it (considering its very long), and even type in a rude answer. haha wow if there is one thing I will never be, is a loser who hates her life and uses the internet as a lame way to get back at the world. can’t say it enough, but won’t stop. grow up lol (its even funnier how people think they affect me) I’m not the average 15 yr. old. Suck it.
lol see a physciatrist? hahaha I recommend YOU see a physciatrist because you obviously need help with your little issue of false satisfaction of “getting” to complete strangers. lol grow up seriously.

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Answer by G C
WOW!! I forced myself through your first seven lines of

You’re 16 and took all the business classed you need to know about starting a business.

Get back to the Ghetto and find someone (like a cop) that will protect you.)

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