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Digital Marketing Agency, Social Media, Mobile Marketing , Web 3.0, SEO , PPC, Reputation Management , Video Internet Marketing is 10Edge.com Miami. Search Engine Optimization , Pay Per Click , Graphics, Web Design , Video Production, Ft Lauderdale, Florida, Los Angeles, Hollywood, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, London, Manchester Chicago, Bogota, Mexico, Canada.
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In this video interview, paid search expert Matt Van Wagner explains how Google’s Quality Score works for text PPC ads. Quality Score is expressed numerically on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best. To understand Quality Score, says Van Wagner, you need to consider the needs of the different constituencies: the search engine, the advertiser, and the end user. Google’s goal is toe present the end user with the most relevant results possbile — and, of course, make money themselves. An advertiser’s goal is usually to be the first ad at the top of the list. Quality Score is a device to help both constituencies achieve their goals — Google’s attempt at “nudge” economics. Relevant Ads. To get a high Quality Score, you need to write ads that are relevant to the keyword you are targeting. The more relevant Google believes your ad to be, the higher it will rank, no matter what you bid. A high click-through rate is like a vote that your ad is relevant for the keyword. Direct verbal relevancy is important, too — a match-up between the keyword and words in your ad and words appearing on your landing page. All this scoring, however, is determined by a complex computer algorithm, not by human judgment. Tightly-focused ad groups. To get a higher Quality Score, keep your ad group for a particular ad and landing page combination tightly focused, with not too many different keywords bid for each individual ad. Creative ads. Finally, write creative ads that stand out and get a high click
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