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Can I download the additional file using my computer?

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Question by : Can I download the additional file using my computer?
i’m new to android, i’ve downloaded games like real football 2012, contract killer, six guns etc
when i open the game it asks me to download additional resources of around 300-400mbs using either wi-fi or network carrier
i do not have a wi-fi at my home and downloading through network carrier would cost me a fortune so i was wondering if there’s any way i could get those resource file on my computer and later i could transfer it to my mobile phone (xperia neo) and also is it illegal to download .apk files through internet? ’cause once i had downloaded SPB mobile shell and after running it for few hours on my phone a message appeared that “google play can’t detect my purchase from market” n all so i uninstalled it!

any help?

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Answer by Duheee
Transfer the file to a microSD card (via an SD card adapter) and then insert it into your phone.

Downloading .apk files is not illegal unless the file is protected by copyright.

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