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what is the difference between marketers like Amway and internet affiliation?

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Question by arkundapur: what is the difference between marketers like Amway and internet affiliation?
Amway is mainly based on new membership subscription, and although they claim to eliminate middle men, they charge lot of commission on sale of their products. Internet market affiliates more or less do the same thing, or that is what I feel, can someone tell me the real difference ?

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Answer by Glorybee
Marketers like Amway are what is known as an MLM (multi-level marketing) business. This type of business pushes new members to recruit more people under them and create new levels.

A person in Amway makes money not only from selling products but also makes money when people under them sell products. It is very hard to make any money in an MLM business if you have no recruits under you.

In affiliate marketing a person makes money by sending people to a website that sells a product. When someone buys that product, the affiliate marketer gets a commission. It is true that an affiliate marketer can make more money by having people under him selling the same product. However, this is not necessary as I don’t have anyone selling any product other than myself and I still make a good monthly income.

It is much easier to be an affiliate marketer because you can work from home on your computer, your expenses are less, and you do not have to deal directly with people and constantly push other people to recruit and sell product so that you can make more money.

I have been in both types of businesses, and believe me, I prefer to be home working on my computer at my own pace rather than be spending my nights and weekends at some rah-rah rallies trying to get people all pumped up and motivated.

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