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Question about trying to get a job and applications?

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Question by Drew: Question about trying to get a job and applications?
The job i’m applying allows cover letter and resume submission through the internet. However, I thought i tmight be more beneficial to submit these in person because that way the manager can et a good look at me and sort of have an “image” and “memory” of me so that it will hopefully help me out when he starts doing the hiring process. Or maybe, submit TWO, one on the internet, and one in person. Which one do yo uthink is a better idea?

Second question is, I used to work at my dad’s “swap meet” or “flea market” store where he sold watches. Can I put this type of unofficial work on my application? And if so, what would I list it as?

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Answer by Len
Don’t show up unexpectedly as it can cramp the person’s schedule. Call and ask if you can drop off your paperwork and be interviewed at that time. Let the company decide how it will run its hiring process.

Work you did, whether for Dad or anybody else, is excellent experience in the eyes of the right person. Your father earned money this way, why would you disrespect it? I think you might wish to readjust your view of this.


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