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is it Safe to buy a Yamaha U10BL upright piano second hand in Australia? HELP!!?

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Question by : is it Safe to buy a Yamaha U10BL upright piano second hand in Australia? HELP!!?
So here’s the insight.. i am currently thinking of buying this piano and currently have a deposit on it within a shop here in sydney. After doing some internet research, i have then identified that this particular piano model is one that is maybe from the “grey market” (one not made for the Australia Market) this mainly meaning that it may not be made for the Australian Climate/Weather?

After my knowledge of this, i then called the seller of this
“soon to be my piano” and explained to her my concerns..
she wasn’t surprised with this question of mine as apparently many have also asked her the same thing? she then explained that ” it would be perfectly fine as many wrongly believe that this will take great affect with the Australian weather apparently cracks due to weather change only happen if drastic weather changed occur. – e.g. Japan (humid) versing Middle East (dry).

so who do i believe? im confused? do i continue with the purchase? please help ? 😮

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Answer by Cyril Figgis
First, I wouldn’t buy a Yamaha as all the Yamaha’s I’ve played and even competed on, are never any good. The sound is big or loud enough, not full and rounded enough, and just not that fun to play because most of their parts are plastic which feel poorly and effect the sound greatly. As for Australian weather, I would suggest a keyboard, not a piano. Yamaha has excelled in electronic keyboards in that you can get ones that are the size of and look like baby grands. These are much more resilient in harsh weather conditions.

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