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March 28th Internet Marketing Class

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March 28th Internet Marketing Class This is a DON’T MISS Workshop! Join us, along with Movement Mortgage, as we invite Jamie Cox into our Marketcenter. Jamie…

Internet Marketing Lead Generation http://yourtubetrafficmojo.biz/?t=yt-internet-marketing-lead-generation My goal here is to teach you the basics of interne…
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If wealthy CEOs won’t pay their bills, then why should poor and middle class laid off workers pay theirs?

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Question by Romantic Pragmatist: If wealthy CEOs won’t pay their bills, then why should poor and middle class laid off workers pay theirs?
…Especially when laid off workers are forced to take lower paying jobs, while wealthy CEOs get bonuses, stock options, give themselves a raise, etc?

For example: I remember the story about this on the national tv news –
I also noticed there’s tons of stories on the internet about condo and apartment complexes that companies let go into foreclosure or declare bankruptcy about?

I asked because with all the talk I’ve seen many conservatives have had about people having responsibility, yet I typically either rarely, if ever see conservatives talking about how CEOs should be responsible and because with all the talk I’ve seen many conservative politicians have about “supporting the small businessman”, but yet it always seems that when it comes to regulating big business or choosing between big business CEOs bottom line or helping the majority of people which many conservatives claim “includes the small businessmen” – it always seem that CEOs making billions are more important than regular people including the small businessman. In that last context especially I’m talking about when big business wipe out small businesses – people including myself have heard conservatives say “that’s just competion in a free market”.

However try as I may – I just can’t seem to understand how companies like BP wiping out fishing business with their oil spills has anything to do with ‘competition’.

So that’s why I ask if wealthy CEOs, wealthy billionaires won’t pay their bills why should the poor or middle class workers pay theirs either?
Before I forget to mention it –
In case anyone disputes what I mentioned – I’d ask have you looked at the link yet or the internet about huge condo complexes, apartment complexes being foreclosed on?

Best answer:

Answer by Veronica
because someone needs to pay their bills.. us.

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