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Testimonial from a student of Razaavi Educational Academy, www.razaavi.edu.in contact number 00091 8686 4343 03 or write to us on admin@razaavi.edu.in Razaavi Educational Academy provides the cheapest and the affordable online distance and face to face educational programs from well accredited Indian Universities. Some courses may cost you just US0 for a whole year of education including admission fee + tuition fee + books and materials + access to online university portal + examination fee + graduation fee. There cannot be anything cheapest than this on the internet – please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to serve you. There are several courses apart from MBA can be obtained in distance or online education from Indian Universities and since they are properly accredited by government of India they’re highly recognized in any university globally like Derby, Northampton, Sunderland and Wales etc. Degrees obtained at Indian Universities can be put for credit transfer and they can be transferred to 75% of the total credits and thereby you can complete the rest 25% courses at another international university to obtain your MBA. You may find more information about the courses on www.razaavi.edu.in – Razaavi Educational Academy. This rule applies to all courses apart from MBA like certificate in business adminstration, diploma in business management, bachelors in business administration, master of business administration, and doctorate in business
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