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Q&A: What is Internet Marketing is it RIGHT OR WRONG?

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Question by Syed A: What is Internet Marketing is it RIGHT OR WRONG?
Internet Marketing the process making a website and placing
depending upon the Number of visitors visiting the website
you will get monthly money,
I want to know whether is it benefitial or simply waste

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Answer by bigjkfan
If you have a website, you have bills to pay. For most people, they don’t have piles of extra money laying around – they need income to pay those bills.

Ads are a great way to do that.

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What is Internet Marketing is it RIGHT OR WRONG? How to overcome internet marketing information overload?

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Question by online j: What is Internet Marketing is it RIGHT OR WRONG? How to overcome internet marketing information overload?
Is there any company that offer internet marketing job that can be done fron home i.e. not visiting to office? what about affiliate internet marketing /advertising programs targeted at Nigeria, West Africa? Can anyone recommend a good Internet marketing book or course on getting traffic to my website? Source http://www.onlinejobsforall.com

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Answer by VegasTony
There are a lot of internet marketing opportunities available with many offering marketing appeal throughout the world.

Is internet marketing RIGHT or Wrong?… I have been involved with MLM / Network Marketing / Internet Marketing for the past 28 years, and in my opinion, it epitomizes the opportunity of free enterprise in countries that encourage entrepreneurship.

What other business or opportunity affords you the chance to fulfill you dreams and goals with little or no major investment of money. People are making 10’s of thousands of dollars each month in their Network Marketing businesses, others are making a few hundred dollars a month and are grateful for the extra income.

The key to success in Network Marketing is choosing the right company. There are many scams out there, but following a guidline when reseaching your opportunity, you can assure yourself of a good chance to become successful.

When researching these types of companies you want to use the following guidelines:
1. Been in business at least 5 years
2. Financially stable
3. Has product or service with mass market appeal
4. Provides good support and training
5. Has a sensible marketing plan or pay structure
6. Isn’t making outlandish “get rich quick” statements
7. Provides advertising and promotional material
8. Doesn’t require you to stock inventory
9. Has no minimum sponsoring or selling requirements
10. Has no fees to become a member

Working a home business can be the answer to many peoples dreams, however, despite all the ads you may see, it does take a committment on your part of time and effort. If an ad sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. I am very leary of “get rich quick” type of ads.
I am retired and I work my home business fulltime now and I started out with a total investment of $ 2.95 and the company I chose meets all the guidlines as listed above. You can check out the links below.

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