The Price of Absinthe?

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The Price of Absinthe?

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Question by Drew: The Price of Absinthe?
One of my friends has had a long time hobby of distilling liquors. In the past few years he has started to make absinthe. I’ve had real absinthe ordered over the internet and I’ve had his and they both gave me about the same buzz (if anything his was better) though his tasted a good bit more bitter. Now I do realize that the sale of said absinthe would be illegal in the US, but what would be a decent price (whether you want to call it “black market” or not is up to you) for a 16 ounce bottle of his absinthe? What would you pay for it if you knew they guy knew what he was doing and wasn’t going to kill you or cheat you etc? (no need to reply if you wouldn’t buy it at all, I just want a price)

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Answer by Matt Griffin
1st off: 2 kinds of absinthe, the european one has 35mg of wormwood (the stuff that makes you trip) and the Chezk one (100mg or better of wormwood) the 1st one is about $ 35-$ 50 and the latter upwards of $ 300. The 2nd one will put you on your ass too. trust me

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