What is the success margin for working with Vector Marketing?

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What is the success margin for working with Vector Marketing?

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Question by Sarah: What is the success margin for working with Vector Marketing?
I’m not dumb enough to think its a scam — if it was, it would have been shut down years ago. I also know their products are high-quality, and I accept the fact that big business will try big-business tactics and yes, the training is unpaid. (But honestly, if you wanted paid training, go work at Fry’s.) The 4-hour talk-a-thon I got trapped in at least seemed more up-front about costs (such as the sample knife set) and realistic than many others’, if complaints read on the internet are to be believed.


I’m not a salesman. I have no experience and I’m shy and extremely soft-spoken.

I am not the most officious business-style dresser. I like my casual-wear skirts and old worn sandals.

I need money. NOW. Not three weeks from now, NOW. I’m screwed, I can’t afford to waste time.

The training overlaps with my other job’s work schedule — not in hours, but in days. I will be spending my time from Thursday morning until Monday evening awake.

I do not have family or contacts within a 2500-mile range that would be eligible to buy Cutco.

… So I need to know facts.

What is the success margin for people working with Vector Marketing? Just HOW misleading in the first “interview” in terms of how pushy management is for you to make sales, and how will they require me to make sales to friends and family who do not exist? Do they fire frequently?

Does anyone know how badly the market’s been saturated in Phoenix/Tempe, AZ?

Just HOW bad are gas-to-appointment costs? My office offers 16 dollars an appointment, but will I be driving 150 miles out of town?

Does the company has scruples against certain marketing techniques? It makes it very obvious that door-to-door is VERY frowned down on (at least in the initial meeting — and quite frankly, I have no intentions of doing such a thing), but what about using technology such as Craigslist, leaving business cards with other businesses, and operating a website to offer people the chance to set up appointments?

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Answer by Age of Reason
You will be selling an expensive product to people who are struggling to pay rent and buy food
No one can afford $ 75 for a pair of scissors
Your method is doable but do not expect to make any sales. My son did this in college. After all family members bought he had no sales.

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