Where do I go to get my book published?

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Where do I go to get my book published?

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Question by Agorian: Where do I go to get my book published?
I’ve almost finished the book and I’m starting to wonder about how to get it published. I’ve looked up some publishers but they say I need to be solicited. How do I get solicited? Or are there any publishers take unsolicited works?
I’m English. The writers market seems to be for america. Is it? If so are there English equivalents?

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Answer by Mimsy Borogove
Get a copy of the Writer’s Market either from your library or from Amazon. You’d probably want 2013 at this point. In there you’ll find contact information for agents as well as publishing houses that might consider unsolicited queries. I’d recommend focusing on getting an agent though because without proper representation, most publishing houses won’t take you seriously. You can check their website as well as agentquery.com for contact information on agents, tips on querying and so forth.

Lots of luck to you!

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